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Why Writers/Authors Use Pen Names?

Writers or authors have a variety of reasons why they prefer to have pen names.

A Pen name, also known as a pseudonym or nom de plume (French). It is a name that is created by the author to make them distinctive from others. Usage of pen names can improve their chances of success and protect them from judgment for their writings.

The following are the common reasons, but not limited to, why writers/authors choose to have pen names:

They don’t want to publish under their real name.

Tons of writers/authors do not want to disclose their real names to make them unique and distinctive from others. They also want to protect their identity from being discovered. They write for the sake of wanting to deliver their story. By not disclosing their real name, their day-to-day activities will be not affected. They will not be subject to probing and discomfort with their colleagues.

Imagine a doctor who writes a murder thriller storybook. The doctor may be subject to hate by their patients or other individuals. Having a pen name can prevent this situation.

New Start

A writer/author may have published a book that did not gain attention or had received a book. Writers/ authors opt to have a pen name to have a fresh start to their writing journey. They want to create a new persona and want to show their growth as a writer/author.

Their name is already present.

There are possibilities that the name of the writer/author has already been used by others. To prevent confusion and to differentiate themselves from existing others they created a pen name.

To try something new.

Other writers/authors may want to try a new genre or new style of writing. They do this to avoid disappointing their readers or to create a different persona of their other writings.

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