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What is a Literary Agent?

Are you done writing your book? If you are, You may have heard some news that you will need a literary agent to have your book published. But is it necessary to get one?

To answer this question, read on.

What Literary Agents Do?

Literary agents are the one who represents the author when marketing with publishers and individuals who are involved in the promotions or publicity of the author’s work. They are beneficial in the creative process and business sides of the writing industry.

1. Review Manuscript

Literary agents will assess the work of the client (author). It could be the collection of stories, nonfiction books, or manuscripts, providing insights and correction along the way. They ensure that the manuscript is in better condition before they forward it to the publishing house/companies.

2. Assist the clients in getting work

A critical aspect of a literary agent's job is to understand how to communicate with the book publishers as they settle publishing contracts. They assist the clients in securing speaking engagements and organizing licensing deals. They keep track of the payments from these undertakings.

3. Track the flow of the work

When it is time for book submissions, the literary agents will assist the author in collating the necessary documents (including book proposals, sample chapters, query letters, and marketing materials) needed.

They are responsible for keeping track of different submission formats and guidelines. It may vary depending on whether it is commercial fiction, children’s book, or narrative nonfiction.

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