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What Are The Types of Editing?

No book is perfect. Every draft of an author’s work has required tons of editing to achieve its best look. To figure out if you need professional editing for your book, ask yourself this question: “what kind of editing do you require?”

Knowing what kind of editing you need will help you in identifying what editor best fits you. Knowing what are the types of editing will help you in achieving your material’s best version.

Note: Before we begin, it's worth noting that editors sometimes use the terminology below interchangeably; they may just state 'editing,' or they may include elements from each of the numerous categories. This is why it's critical to enquire about the inclusions of any package you're contemplating. Better still, request a sample edit - that way, you'll know precisely what you're paying for.

Structural Editing

In addition to going through the whole book and finding issues, an editor who does a structural edit also focuses on the general structure and content of your book. In contrast to a developmental edit, here the editor makes the adjustments for you. In this case, structural editing includes an author's all of their aims (target audience, book’s purpose, how the author wants to be seen and promote the book, etc.).


A copy edit focuses on the readability of your work, ensuring that your language flows naturally and makes perfect sense to your audiences.

While a structural edit examines the whole work, a copy edit examines individual paragraphs and phrases, as well as your grammar and spelling. This implies that, although individual paragraphs may be reformed and rewritten to enhance readability, a copy edit will not examine the book's overall structure.

Developmental Editing

A developmental edit examines your book's general content and structure, looking for ways to enhance it.

It's worth noting that, depending on the editor, a developmental edit may include little real editing. That implies no spelling or grammatical fixes, no reorganization or rewriting of your material, and no reworking of tricky portions. Rather than that, a developmental edit focuses on providing you with feedback so that you may make the necessary improvements.


Proofreading entails thoroughly reviewing your material for typographical problems and faults in language, style, and spelling.

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