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Tips on How to Write A Good Book

Now you may have searched for various tips on how to write a good book, but it seems nothing has been so helpful. Don’t worry! We will provide you with the essential tips on how to write a good book.

Let’s get started!

Before Writing

Writing Space

When you want to write, make sure that your place is conducive for writing. Conducive doesn’t entirely mean that your writing space needs to be quiet or squeaky clean unless that’s what you prefer. Choose a place where you can concentrate. It could be in a coffee shop, corner of the room, or anywhere else.

Remember to choose a place where you feel comfortable!


You don’t need to have any high-tech gadget to start writing. Well, you can start using your laptop, computer, or even yet, you can opt to write it on a blank piece of paper. Whatever you prefer, choose where you put your creative outlet on.

Objective/ Deadline

You must set a deadline on when you want your book to be finished. Don’t make the deadline too lax or too stiff. Make sure that the set deadline is attainable. Don’t also make some ludicrous objectives when writing your book. Make your objective in writing sanctified. Refuse to change it.

Stick to it!


Create a plan on what the book is all about. You can create an outline of how the stories would go, the backstories of your characters, the settings of your narrative, and so forth. Don’t automatically start writing when you don’t have a plan. A plan will help you maximize your writing to its fullest potential.


Create a schedule on what time of the day you are most likely to write and the number of hours you will be planning on writing. You may wish to write six hours per day and five days a week. Also, don’t forget to set a minimum of words on what to write per day. In this way, you can attain your goal.

Eradicate Distractions

It is paramount to free yourself from distractions. If you keep your cell phone by your side or your social media notifications keep popping, then you will be distracted. It will only waste your time. Start writing.

During Writing

Just Write (Don’t Edit, Yet!)

Keep on writing. Don’t mind the errors. Edit them after you finish writing. In this way, it will keep the flow of your writing smooth. Writing and editing will take too much time. It is your first draft and committing mistakes is natural. Being too hard on yourself will not help you at all.

Take Breaks

Don’t forget to take a break. But, don’t make your time off longer than the time you have spent on writing. Keep it minimal.

Don’t give up

Never lose track of your goal. Trust yourself that you can do it. Keep doing your actions consistently, and you will see some results.

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