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Time Machine Emergency: Dan Arthur Busby Enthralls Reviewers and Readers, Creating A Good Synergy

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Creating a book that involves a lot of details can be quite tricky. The slightest error can be observed automatically. One genre of book that deals with these kinds of scrutiny are history and time travel books.

History and time travel books need sophistication in terms of writing. But it doesn’t mean that in writing fiction, facts could be neglected totally. Alteration and modification could be done. Also, the flow of the story and how it should be conveyed must be well- organized.

It is often said that the history and time travel books can’t be mixed as both convey complex storytelling. However, if the author manages to create a well-detailed book and keep you on the edge of your seat then he or she did a good job!

No matter how complex writing history and time travel books are, it doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Author Dan Arthur Busby was able to create a book that involves both genres and it was explained extraordinarily.

About the Author

Dan Arthur Busby is an adventure lover. The euphoria that is running through his veins gives him a compelling feeling. The thrill and ecstatic feel of adventures could be now evident in his book Time Machine Emergency.

To achieve this overall synergism, Chapters Media and Advertising worked closely with Dan Arthur Busby to create a book that is aligned with the goals of the author. Noting the tough nature of book reviewers and with utmost perseverance, we are in joy that they accepted it.

Author Dan Busby was pleased with the results, which you can find it here:

Throughout the entire process, Chapters Media and Advertising ensures that the communication between the author is open and ready to comply with the reviewer promptly.

Our company aims to ensure that the projects we received are well- executed and in range with the publishing goals of the authors.

If you are looking to get your book reviewed by professional and prestigious reviewers, you can call us at (888) 688-1471 so we can endorse your book to your selected professional reviewer.

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