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The Other Side of the Story: Managing Consultant Are NOT SCAMMERS

We often hear stories and hearsays that it is mainly the managing consultant's fault that they are depicted as scammers.

Now, saying this can be pretty tricky.

Has the author done their part and assures that it is a managing consultant and not a scammer? Or, if it is a managing consultant's fault, do the author and the managing consultant clearly understand their communication?

There are instances where it is the author who is at fault. The managing consultant did describe the facets of the service clearly, but the author did not understand clearly, putting the consultants in the wrong. The author must be aware that the other party is also taking notes. Correspondingly, phone calls are recorded to enable management to ascertain if any prospective clients have been duped.

Authors must ensure that they have done their part and not automatically blame the managing consultant. If they have queries, then clarify them. Creating a lousy blog and claiming that they are scamming schemes even though they are not one. Both the author and the managing consultant must have compatibility with each other to not be swayed by rumors.

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