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The 7 Best Things About Audiobooks

People often rely on audiobooks as a new way of reading books as there is less chance of reading a physical book. However, in certain circumstances, they have their edges. What is reflected below are the best things about audiobooks.

The 7 Best Things About Audiobooks

1. Ingest More Books

Individuals do not have much time to read books, and listening to audiobooks can be done while doing other things (such as exercising, cleaning, cooking, etc.).

2. Enhances Literacy

According to the Audiobook Publishers Association, listening to audiobooks increases English language learners' reading ability and literary skills and readers with learning impairments.

3. Time Management

It can help you manage your time. Reading books while performing jobs such as cleaning or exercising is a win-win situation- it makes less pleasurable jobs more delightful, hence lowering stress levels.

4. Transforms Mental Stability

It can be a gateway for those individuals who do not like reading, which can turn a boring commute into a pleasant one. In the pandemic situation that we are in now, audiobooks help in combating negative notions and emotions. Moreover, audiobooks encourage individuals to grow and change for the better.

5. Enhances Optimism

It can positively influence our moods and alter the patterns of negative thinking. According to Psychology Today, listening to someone else read aloud might assist those who are prone to depression and anxiety by substituting bad thoughts with something else.

6. Helps Our Eyes and Our Sleep

Losing or experiencing vision difficulties resulting from constantly staring at digital devices can be problematic, as many Americans spend an average of seven (7) hours each day (Business Insider, 2021). Also, social media has also been shown to lead to feelings of hopelessness and depression. Putting an audiobook on and putting the phone down is another way to counter this negative impact.

Exposure to blue light from a computer display disrupts our circadian cycle, making it harder to fall asleep at night. If you are going to sleep soon, listening to an audiobook will help your eyes and mind calm while preparing for a good night's rest.

7. Different World

It can capture the imagination. It allows the listener to build an entire universe both inside and outside of themselves. Being able to break free from our everyday troubles is a vital tool that we can readily access through the magic of audiobooks.

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