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Sameer Zahr’s Talk to Me: Thinking from the End’s Successful Kirkus Review!

We’re always on the go when it comes to helping authors, whether it’s for their new book cover or publicity campaigns. However, one of the things we’re always excited about is working with authors to get their books reviewed by professionals.

Not only random professionals but those who specialize in the book and publishing industry. Chapters Media & Advertising worked with Kirkus for a book review project that we’ve successfully fulfilled.

Today, we are proud to feature Sameer Zahr, author of Talk to Me: Thinking from the End.

We’ve worked closely with author Sameer Zahr to make sure that his book will be featured and reviewed on the Kirkus Review website.

You can check out the full link of the review here :

It’s a long journey to get Talk to Me: Thinking from the End on Kirkus’ page but we’ve enjoyed helping our author achieve his goals.

If you’re looking forward to getting your book reviewed in a hassle-free way, Chapters Media & Advertising can help. We can help you with your professional book review needs. While you may endorse your book to different book review companies, it might take time for them to approve it since it doesn’t have any endorsement. If you let us do the job, we will make it less stressful and time-consuming for your part.

First, we will endorse your book to the company. If it gets approved, we will ask for the manuscript so we can send it to them. We will also submit some of your author and book details so they will know a little background. Don’t worry, we will also contact them to ask if the review is done.

You can grab a copy of the book at

Chapters Media & Advertising is dedicated to helping authors in their publishing journey. We provide a plethora of services tailored to authors’ needs! Call us at (888) 688-1471 right now for more details.

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