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Sameer Zahr - Rima's Dreams: From Shallow to Deep Kirkus Review

In our last blog, we featured one of Sameer Zahr’s book Talk to Me: Thinking from the End. Now, we are proud to deliver his book successfully to the pages of the Kirkus Review website for his other book Rima’s Dreams: From Shallow to Deep.

Here’s how Kirkus summed it up:

“A sometimes-problematic story that relies too heavily on its protagonist’s supposed flawlessness."

We are proud to feature author Sameer Zahr and his book on our blog to show how Chapters Media & Advertising is dedicated to working with authors for a book review. Not only that, we offer marketing, advertising, licensing, book production, and book distribution services.

If you want to read the whole review of the book, you can check it out at

We have worked with Kirkus for a long time. We recommend this to some of our authors who do not have any idea where to get their book reviewed.

Kirkus has an array of professional reviewers that are authors themselves. Not only that, your book will only get reviewed by a critique based on your genre.

Hence, you will get an in-depth result. As well as points you need to develop (if it is such). Kirkus also has a clique of subscribers and readership, getting your book in front of thousands of audiences.

You can grab a copy of the book at

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