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Frequently Used Publishing Terms

A novice or not, knowing the frequently used publishing terms can make your understanding and transaction of your book publication much easier. Consider the following list of frequently used publishing terms:

Audiobook: Audiobooks are recorded versions of a book's text that are listened to rather than read. It may be verbatim or abbreviated copies of books.

Advanced Reader Copy (ARC): A pre-publication copy that can be used for marketing reasons for a few months prior to publication.

Editing: It is the process of modifying a piece of writing's content, structure, grammar, and layout.

International Standard Book Number (ISBN): It is a distinctive alphanumeric commercial book identification. Publishers obtain ISBNs from an International ISBN Agency affiliate.

Literary Agents: They are the one who represents the author when marketing with publishers and individuals who are involved in the promotions or publicity of the author’s work.

Self-Publishing: Self-publishing, in its purest form, happens when one author manages all aspects of the book's publication process, including printing, distribution, and marketing.

Traditional Publishing: It refers to the established method of obtaining a book contract, which often includes submitting to agents over time, receiving a number of rejections, and finally being accepted (probably). The literary agent will send the work to publishers, who will typically reject it many times before signing a deal. The book will next undergo further editing before being released.

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