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Factors that Affect the Self-Publishing Costs

The word counts down to the editorial services in publishing the book affects on what will be the costs incurred.

While some writers choose traditional publishing, other writers prefer self-publishing for various reasons. These reasons include having control over the creativity and the marketing option of the book.

Factors that Affect the Self-Publishing Costs

Book Length

The basis for editing costs is measured on the word count of the book. The higher the word count for the book, the higher the costs that will be incurred. Likewise, the number of pages of the book can also affect the printing costs.

Complexity and Genre of the Book

If you are writing a nonfiction book, this requires more costs. As nonfiction books require in-depth editing as the facts need to be fact- check and there is a necessity for footnotes.

Draft State

If you are going to hand over your draft without any prior editing, it could incur higher costs. Without initial editing, there are higher possibilities that it would require heavier editing and tons of revisions. It would be advisable to have it reviewed at least once.

Contractors Experience

Hiring a more experienced editor or designer can incur more costs than to those who are less experienced. If you want to minimize the costs, look for those who are good that have fewer years of experience.

Book Medium

Choosing between having an ebook or a physical copy of your book can make a difference in the costs of your book. Others require you to pay upfront fees if you want to have a physical copy of your book.

Before choosing a publishing company, do research first. Identify first what is the plan for your book is to make everything easier for you. You can look for companies that offer all the services that you are looking for.

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