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David Shipley’s Hard Drive Backup’s Successful Review by the US Review of Books

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

One of the essential factors people look into before buying a certain product or availing themselves of a specific service is a review. Reviews can either make or break sales, and while most of them are legit and some are fake, people still read them. When it comes to books, reviews are highly considered before a person purchases a copy. A valuable review is the one that comes from a professional book reviewer. However, most of them will only review books that are endorsed to them by a literary agent, a bookstore, an author, or a publishing company. Reaching professional book reviewers, especially to legit and popular companies is tough. This is where Chapters Media and Advertising can help. In this blog, we feature author David Shipley and his book Hard Drive Backup for a successful book review from the US Review of Books.

Chapters Media and Advertising worked closely with David Shipley for the relaunch of his book Hard Drive Backup. We made a lot of changes to his book but we are most proud when his book got accepted when we endorsed it for review in US Book Review. Knowing the strict nature of professional review companies, we strive to make it happen and we are glad they accepted it. Author David Shipley was glad of the results, which you can find it here:

We communicate with David Shipley throughout the entire process to make sure that everything Chapters Media and Advertising and the reviewer need are submitted in a timely manner. We ensure to fulfill every project from our company and to help authors reach their publishing goals.

If you are looking to get your book reviewed by professional and prestigious reviewers, you can call us at (888) 688-1471 so we can endorse your book to your selected professional reviewer.

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