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Chapters Media & Advertising: Good Story Packed with Quality Editing, Enrich with Proper Marketing

You finish writing your book, and you are excited to publish it. However, you don’t know what to do next, or you are having trouble with what options to choose.

As an author, it is only natural for you to feel confused and muddled on what is the right thing for you to do to achieve your goals.

You don’t need to worry about this, we at Chapters Media and Advertising can help you in achieving your book publishing goals.

The following are the steps in achieving a self-publishing book:

1. Book Writing

This is the most apparent thing that every author and aspiring author should do. You must start writing the story. The writing process of the book should not be neglected. No matter how nice the cover and advertising of a book is, if it doesn’t have a good story it would still lead to downfall.

2. Editing of the Book

If you are done writing your book, the next step is to edit its content. You should pay attention to what appropriate editing is needed in your book. There are various editing types, and each has its particular purpose.

As an author and aspiring authors, evaluate your work on what is the appropriate level of editing that is needed.

3. Design of the Book

The success of your book depends also on the book design. Having a good story goes hand in hand with the design of your book.

The design of your book is subdivided into two parts: book cover design and interior book design.

a. Book Cover Design

This part is the most evident part of your book. The hook part of attracting readers in buying your book. Having a distinctive design should not be the main concern but rather ensuring that the design of your book is aligned with the content of the book you have written.

b. Interior Book Design

You have a good cover for your book but the content inside of it does not live to the expectation of the cover design and the synopsis written at the back of it.

No matter how good-looking the cover design of the book is, if the typesetting of the book is not readable and not aligned with the proper spacing, it could make your reader uninterested. Which leads them to disappointment.

The excitement of the reader from availing the book should be maintained until they read the book.

4. Book Metadata

This section comprises the information that expresses the content of your book. This includes the title of your book, the price of the book, the name of the author, and the description of the book.

5. Publishing

There are varieties of publishing companies that you can choose from- Chapters Media and Advertising offers a diverse range of features.

Chapters Media and Advertising offers services to authors and aspiring authors that are needed in accomplishing their publishing goals. It encompasses but not limited to:

a. Online

Ensures that your website contains blog posts rich in content. Know the number of visitors to your website and can choose several platforms that work great for your campaign, which can lead to an increase in sales and conversions.

b. Book Reviews

Allowing authors and aspiring writers to have their books evaluated by professionals and reputable reviewers (Kirkus, Clarion, Blueink, Pacific, and the US) from trusted companies.

c. Print Ads and Publicity

Books of authors and aspiring writers can be reached by a wide audience in a limited period (Press Release, Publisher’s Weekly, New York Times, and L.A. Times).

d. Multimedia

Boosting the marketing campaign of your book through YouTube ads and premium book video.

e. Movie & Hollywood

Making your journey to the big screen one step ahead with the application of a detailed movie screenplay and making sure that your movie treatment is smooth-flowing.

6. Book Distribution

You have spent a long period writing your book down to the editing and designing process. However, you don’t have the opportunity to distribute your book to libraries and bookstores.

Chapters Media and Advertising helps authors and aspiring writers to distribute their books in wider outlets.

7. Book Marketing

This is the last stage in the self-publishing process. This stage embarks the start of the journey as an author. However, this should not be taken lightly, as this could impact the success of your book. One suggestion is to create an author website so you can showcase your books and your inspiration as a writer.

You can also opt to choose other marketing techniques for your book:

8. Connect with Chapters Media and Advertising

Following the entire process could be rigorous, thus, Chapters Media and Advertising lessens your burden and improves the chances of success for your book. Starting from the editing of the book down to the book marketing will be handled by us, so you can entirely focus on writing your book.

We aim to successfully aid the author in achieving their publishing goals.

For more information, kindly contact us at (888) 688-1471.

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