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Advance Review Copy

Not all writers use endorsements on the cover or reviews to launch their books. While it is probable that these writers requested an advance review copy, it was also ordered for them as well. What is an advance review copy?

Advance Review Copy

It is also known as ARCs, a pre-publication copy that can be used for marketing reasons for a few months prior to publication. Provided the author gives the book away for free, marking an ARC as “Free ARCs” gives readers a way to help the authors market their book by submitting endorsements and reviews. Prior to publishing the finalized book, the advance review copy can be examined by the proofreader and author for any mistakes.

Why go to the effort of sending out an Advance Review Copy?

An advance review copy is used to promote the book before its release. An ARC is a means of getting the author’s book in front of a primed audience along with pre-written reviews.

The author may publish their book, sit back and wait for the book reviews to come in. Alternatively, the author may seize the opportunity by distributing advance review copies to individuals who can assist them in promoting the book by writing book reviews, blogs, etc., and make a list of individuals whom they should send the advance review company. The author can also incorporate influences in their sector or sector whose reviews may persuade the readers to purchase the book.

Another alternative option is to host a giveaway contest. Authors can promote their book on social media and offer to distribute advanced review copy to people who share their post over a certain period of time and they should not forget to include a personal note to request the reader that they share their ARC review on social media sites (e.g. Facebook).

Although the book is not yet for sale, it is possible to hand out an advance review copy to indie booksellers to increase interest among potential readers. The author can inquire about their book signing schedule.

Advance review copy can aid the author in fine-tuning their final book. If evaluations indicate a significant flaw in the content, the author has the option to amend it before its release. While making revisions to the book at this point might be costly and can possibly delay the publication, it is preferable to disclose any difficulties in the present than after the process of publication.

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